How to Avoid Using Synthetic Cannabis

Spice and K-2 are the most common names for synthetic marijuana. You have probably heard some of the terrible stories about K-2 and its impact on people’s health. Since cannabis is a profitable business segment, many companies and entrepreneurs are trying to create something resembling pot. However, synthetic marijuana is known for causing numerous serious conditions and ailments. Below are some tips on how to identify synthetic weed and avoid using it.

Synthetic cannabis is a human-made combination of chemicals. While organic pot contains cannabinoids that are processed by your endocannabinoid system, synthetic pot is developed to copy the high artificially without any cannabinoids. The human body is not able to process the chemical substances of synthetic weed, which can often cause serious medical conditions and unpredictable behavior.

Synthetic marijuana comes in many forms, so you might not be able to identify it by any unique features. It is often added to tobacco or some other herbs that look like cannabis. Furthermore, synthetic “cannabinoid” vape juices are also available on the market. Some chemicals can be present in cannabis concentrates and even sprays.

People can do absolutely crazy things when intoxicated by synthetic weed. Moreover, they can have seizures, hallucinations, severe paranoia, and even a heart attack.

How can you avoid using synthetic cannabis?

1. Know your dealer. Ask you friends about the dealer’s reputation and ask him or her questions about the herb. Professional dealers will definitely know their product.
2. Grow your own cannabis plants. Not sure you can trust weed dealers? Then try cultivating your own herb!
3. If you are lucky to live in a state where marijuana is legal, purchase your pot legally to make sure you are not consuming low-quality or synthetic cannabis.

We strongly urge you to avoid buying, selling, and using synthetic drugs as they can damage your health and lead to unpredictable consequences.

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