Can You Overdose on Weed?

Is it possible to overdose on weed? Well, that is the question all marijuana users ask themselves every time they light a joint. We have an answer to this inquiry: you cannot kill yourself using too much cannabis by accident. However, due to certain functions of marijuana, it can be very dangerous if you start using weed as a medicine. Cannabis itself is not able to bring you any harm, though it can create lethal safety hazards if you do not act carefully.

What amount of marijuana is lethal?

Deaths because of drug overdose is a common thing in America. According to the CDC, since 2000, the rate of deaths caused by drug overdose has increased by 137%. The main component that causes death is opioid, a type of painkiller drug that includes morphine, oxycodone, and other harmful substances. However, it is impossible to overdose on weed as the lethal dose of it is 1,500 pounds. Is anyone of you able to smoke such a huge amount at once? The man who calculated this figure in 1988 was Judge Francis Young.

How to avoid disadvantages of marijuana consumption

All medical marijuana patients have to be aware of the injury risks while consuming marijuana. First of all, you should take into account that marijuana affects the way a person perceives and responds to the environment. Many patients report disorientation after using their medicine. Marijuana alters the way you feel, think, and function. It can be extremely dangerous to drive a vehicle or use any heavy machinery. It is better not to drive under the influence of medical marijuana. Additionally, we recommend using vaporizer pens for marijuana consumption in order to minimize the risk of burns and fires. You should also take into consideration the relaxing effect of marijuana. Be careful and avoid getting too relaxed to ensure your personal safety. If you are planning to have sex after consuming cannabis, make sure you will not regret it in the morning. Be extremely cautious about leaving parties with people you do not know and make sure a friend you trust knows where to look for you. Do not forget about the personal safety of people who surround you.

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